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Field Work and Post-study Photography

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The other day I was given my field work assignment.  The field work program is set up so that we get real-world experience working in a church so we don’t lose touch while studying and also to keep us involved with local congregations.  I will be doing my field work at Grace Lutheran Chapel, which is a beautiful church with some very friendly people.  I met Rev. Andy Bacon (who will be overseeing me) at the Installation reception and I attended my church for worship yesterday morning.  I’m really excited about my church and had a chance to meet some members of the congregation and join them for adult Bible class after service.

I will post some pictures of my church when I go back this week.

I spent most of yesterday studying my brains out for Greek.  I must have written the First Person Active Indicative and Middle paradigms and the 2nd Declension paradigms of Greek verbs and nouns over 300 times on a chalkboard in the basement of the library.

Fortunately I was not alone: I was working with my neighbor Josh and Josh (who happen to be roommates).

Josh K.

Josh K., my Greek studying friend

Josh P.

Josh P., reading a book about Luther's writings


Study, Study, Study!


That's the Greek-covered chalk board

After studying for hours, Josh P. and I left the library where I proceeded to take some night shots of campus while he talked to his fiance.  Enjoy!

Fountain at night

Fountain by the library at night

Josh on the steps by the cafeteria

Josh on the steps by the cafeteria

Small Quad

Josh and Garrett standing in the smaller quad.

Archway joining the quads

Archway that joins the 2 quads together

Luther Tower

Night Shot of Luther Tower


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